Product Updates
New features, updates, and announcements.
We have two new updates! 🎉

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  • You can now link directly to specific posts. Go ahead, post an update and share that link with your audience.

  • Speaking of sharing, when you share a link on Twitter we'll automatically generate a beautiful, rich tweet for you.

For example, here's how this post shows up on Twitter:

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Keeping your data secure is super important to us. Although we started the beta period without SSL, we now have it rolled out across the site.

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Since we launched, we didn't have a way to recover your password if you forgot it. Now we do!

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We've heard the feedback and happy to announce that you can now select a custom date for any post. This means you can start adding historical events or roadmap items way into the future.

Here's how to post an update with a custom date:

  1. At the bottom of the editor click Advanced options
  2. Select the Date field and a nifty calendar will pop up

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You'll notice we also made a small change to the navigation menu:
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Have fun! 😎
Product communication centers around representing your company. So, we went ahead and made every ProductMap customizable.

Go ahead, add (or edit) your logo by hovering over it.

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You can also use our fancy new color selector to pick a color that suits your company best.

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We're excited to see the cool ProductMaps out there. If you think yours is the best, tweet us @ProductMap so we can share it with everyone!
That's right. You can add images now.

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When you want to add an image, simply drag-and-drop (or paste) straight into the editor and you'll be all set.

That's not all though. We worked extra hard to make sure you can also add GIFs. You can now show off awesome new features with fancy visuals.

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We've integrated a slick new editor thanks to the wonderful folks at Basecamp.

You can add quotes

Make a list of things:
  • bold
  • italicized
  • or even crossed out

Oh, and you can even add code blocks.

We're excited to bring back beautiful formatting for your updates!